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Shree Mahavir Metalcraft Pvt. Ltd. is an establishment of over 33 years of dedication. Established in 1984 the company has now grown to be one of the largest manufacturer of modern architectural hardware in India. SMI's Modern state of art manufacturing unit in Jamnagar, Gujarat is equipped with the latest technology machines and a technically qualified team to meet the in creasing needs of the customer.

Over the years SMI has excelled in the field of builders hardware providing products like door locks, door handles and various kinds of architectural hardware.

We offer products in a variety of metals like Brass, Zinc(Zamac), Stainless Steel etc. and more importantly products can be custom made exactly in accordance with the specification of the customer.

Willingness to provide quality that surpasses custumer's expectations at extremely competitive prices is what sets us apart from the competition.


To be a leader in the architectural hardware industry through innovations, quality products and mutually beneficial alliances.

To support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantage in their markets. To sustain our vision by constantly seeking renewal via continual improvement in processes and the application of new technologies and best business practices. To provide a pleasant, nurturing and growth oriented environment.

Shree Mahavir Metalcraft Pvt. Ltd. accepts responsibility for the harmful effects its operations have on both the local and global environment and it’s committed to reducing them. SMI will measure its impact on the environment and set targets for on-going improvement. SMI will comply with all relevant environmental legislation and will implement a training program for its staff to raise awareness of environmental issues and enlist their support in improving the Company’s performance.

Shree Mahavir Metalcraft Pvt. Ltd. Will ensure each Employee is given information, instruction and training to enable the safe performance of all work activities. It is our duty to ensure that all processes and systems of work are and safely of our employees and are properly supervised at all times. Should any of our activities endanger the health and safety of our employees, such activities will be monitored and where necessary, arrangement for health surveillance will be made.

Solvent resistance double rubs (acetone test)
Pencil hardness
Corrosion resistance (polished brass) (natural salt spray test as per ASTM B 117)
(Liters Sand) Abrasion resistance Liters sand (As per ASTM D968 using ottowa sand)
Sweat resistance cycle (AHS/BHMA test USA specification)
Corrosion resistance (Zinc die cast) hours
Handle life cycle test
Lock life cycle test & Cylinder life cycle test

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