Filip Smart Door Lock With Fingerprint, RFID, PIN Access, Black


Get Ready to go Keyless.

Functional with multiple accesses. Easy and convenient Design with Stable and lasting performance. Grant users permanent or one time access for your guests - avoiding any lost keys or having your keys stolen or copied.

Technical Specification

Biometric 90nos.
Door Bell Yes
Dual Authentication Yes
Internal Forced Lock Yes
Lock type Mortise Lock multi bolt
Pin Code Length 8 digits
Scrambled Code Yes
Breakage Alarm Yes
Door Thickness 36mm-65mm
Emergency Power USB port for Power Bank
Keys Yes
Master Mode Yes
RFID Card 99nos.
User Pin Code 20nos.

All Features


Secure Fingerprint access means you will never have to worry about forgetting your passwords or lost keys. It is the most convenient way to get in with precise and rapid one-touch direct fingerprint identification.

PIN Code

The fashionable and advanced touch keypad technology is used. Lock not only supports the opening with various pin codes but also you can set time bound or one-time usage guest codes as well.


Unlock your door with a key tag or key card with a simple tap. Sleek & Smart secure access card eases your entry to your home with just a swipe of the card.

Multi level access control

Different Access Levels across Administrator, Normal & Guest not only determines their access type but rights as well to add, view or edit settings or users. This maintains control in the right hands.

Alarm Indicators

If someone tries to open or break the door with force or enter an incorrect access input more than 3 times consecutively, the door lock sounds a warning and disables authentication for 3 minutes to help prevent trespassing.

Emergency power supply

Battery Exhausted; no issues. Simply power up your lock with 5V portable power source with USB port and open the lock with your preferred access type.